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What is happening to the church?

Posted by KingdomTalk on September 1, 2007

I recently woke up to hear, from the news, two divorces involving two prominent christian families that are well known and often seen on television. For about 30 minutes I was speechless and wondered what on earth was going in the church. While I was about to be tempted to think of who’s wrong or right as many of us would, God brought to my attention the onslaught the church is faced with from the pit of hell.
While many in church are busy seeking God for fame, wealth and fortune, the kingdom of darkness is strategizing on how to bring down our families, ministries and testimonies. It is so pathetic how weak the church has become in confronting the kingdom of darkness. We claim to have all the information baptism than previous generations but we have no demonstration of real God’s power to show for it.
Our children are on crack more than ever before, nudity is being celebrated on a daily basis in the name of freedom of expression, lust is destroying our youth with avalanche of STD’s the world has ever known; our ministers are struggling to be known worldwide via satellites than struggle for holiness awareness and true righteousness. Evangelism are now based on poaching other churches members than going for non-Christians. What is going on? Is this some form of judgment from God?
I need answers to these questions from you if you can spare the little time.

3 Responses to “What is happening to the church?”

  1. Valerie said

    If we look at history, God will allow are sins to be exposed before the world if we do not get it right.  God does not go around seeking who He can punish, but he does tell us that there are consequences if we don\’t take heed to His word.  He always has given man space to repent.  Then if we don\’t then, we reap the results.  God is not the cause of these divorces and the other happenings going on right now.  Man makes the choice about what they want to do.  Some ministries may be unjustly under attack from the enemy and others may be reaping what they have not bottered to correct.  In any instance, Christians leaders have to understand that they have to be in submission to God as well as the people that they preach too.  Church has become commericalized and cliched as must as the world.  I believe that God wants his people to be blessed mentally, spiritually and financially but not to the point of extreme where you need to purchase a $23,000 toliet to do basically three functions that are not that sanitary
    I believe that God as ALLOWED this to happen to get the church and its leaders to take a real good look at themselves and what they are teaching God people and acutally doing in their person lives.  It\’s time to wake up and start being a light to those who are not in the church and not prove to them what they have been thinking about us all along, that we are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Clint said

    What would happen to Christianity if every church in America was burned to the ground today?Answer: We would force Christians to get back to basics.If you are looking for God, I encourage you to open your Bible and read Matthew. Start at Chapter 5. And take it literally, as if your eternal depended on it. Because it DOES.

  3. Thee said

    You recieved a couple of good answers already but I will put in my 2 cents worth. I have been where you are and asked the same questions and I discovered a couple of things. The first thing I discovered was that it really does make a difference what bible you study from. When I bought my first bible it was an authorised King James (as we know it today), at the time I bought it that was the most prominant translation. Over the years new versions came out and they seemed to be a little more modern and easier to understand then the King James english. And I used them for study, but as I did grey areas began to form in my mind. I found myself justifying behaviours that I knew were wrong. Over time I developed some strange ideas about God and my relationship with Jesus. I finally came to the place where God stepped in and straightened me out. I no longer use any other translation, it keeps my view of God clear and my knowlege of his word razor sharp. There are some minor mistranslations in the Authorized King James but they are well known and documented and corrected. My point here is, I wondered why there were so many different denominations with such different ideas about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and salvation. I discovered that there was a direct correlation to the changing of doctrines and the use of more modern translations.The other thing I discovered was the move toward 501(c)3 contracts with the federal government for the tax exemption status that the "churches" love to talk about to encourage donations. Now we all know what happens if we contract with the fed. for anything, they take as much control of you as they feel they can get away with in return for the benefit asked for. The same thing is true under this 501(c)3 contract. If you read the tax info under this heading at the IRS website they admit two things then continue on with all the regs. They admit that it is not necessary to be under this contract to be a tax exempt non-profit organization, and they also admit that they have no definition for "church" in their code but that they do use the term. One of the requirements of this contract is that they must obey all established laws. Which is a catch all statement, what that means is that the "church" under this contract must not violate any law. If they pass a law about abortion rights the "church" cannot as an organization cannot legally encourage anyone in its membership to stand against this ruling and they also cannot preach against it. The 501(c)3 contract incorporates the "church" with the fed.. That is what incorporate means – to join together with. Which may explain to you why so many "churches" are "politically correct." By entering into these contracts they have taken headship of the church away from Jesus and volintarily given it to the state. There is a lot more to this but I hope I have given you some info that will clarify some of what is going on. You may want to research "seminary infiltration" and the United Methodist Church also. A couple of years ago I found some disturbing history there too. God bless and keep that right mind toward God.

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